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Zetech University Staff Profiles

Zetech University Staff Profiles

Nyasha Mapuweyi

Visiting Lecturer, Media, Arts & Digital Communication

Academic Degrees
  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Media Studies - Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa, 2016
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education - Midlands State University, 2014
  3. Master of Science in Media and Society Studies - Midlands State University, 2009
  4. Bachelor of Science Honours in Media and Society Studies - Midlands State University, 2004
Work Experience
  1. Board Member - Centre for Investigative Journalism in Zimbabwe
  2. Senior Lecturer Department of Media, Communications, Film and Theatre Arts - Midlands State University, 2019 to present
  3. Newspaper Sub-Editor - The Sunday Mail Newspaper, March to August 2015
  4. Lecturer Media and Society Studies - Midlands State University, 2008 to 2018
  5. Director of Journalism and Academic Studies - Christian College of Southern Africa, 2006 to 2008
  6. Journalist - The Daily Mirror, 2004 to 2006
  7. Journalist - The Tribune Newspaper, 2001 to 2004
  8. Journalism Lecturer - Christian College of Southern Africa, 2001 to 2006



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  5. Mapuweyi, N. and Orina-Kemunto, G. (2019). An investigation into the Prospects and Challenges faced by Zimbabwean and Kenyan musicians and music Production Houses at the Advent of Digitization and Digitalization in Africa. Journal of Emerging trends in Educational Research and policy Studies (JETERAPS) Volume 9 (5): 507-214 (ISSN:2141-6990)
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Book Chapters:

  1. Mapuweyi, N. and Baloyi, E. (2023). Book Chapter: A terrible Christian foreboding as homosexuality discourses are a door-knocker in Zimbabwe. Book Title: Human Rights in Southern Africa: Theory and Practice. City: Pietermaritzburg. Publisher: Cluster Publication
  2. Mapuweyi, N. and Baloyi, E. (2023). Book Chapter: Outlawing intolerant religious practices discriminating people living with disabilities in Zimbabwe. Book Title: Law, Religion and Intolerance in Africa.
  3. Mapuweyi, N. and Baloyi, E. (2022).Varakashi: The Zimbabwe Government’s tactical Social media Defensive Response to negative social media protest posts. Book Chapter. Resistance and Protest Communication in Southern Africa.
  4. Mapuweyi, N. (2022). Effective Climate Change Communication for Sustainable Development in Rural Zimbabwe. Book Chapter. Crisis Disaster Communication
  5. Mapuweyi, N. Orina-Kemunto, G. (2016) Book Chapter: Chapter 10 Representation of African Union Agenda in the Media and Effects on Implementation: Book Title: Democracy, Civil Society and Development in Africa: Editor: Maurice Amutabi: Published by: The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Nairobi. pp 119-129. ISBN: 978-015-70-9
  6. Mapuweyi, N. (2013) Book Chapter: Gender Relations and the Role Played by Sungura Music in Zimbabwe: Chapter 13 : Book Title: Gender, Sexuality and the Media: A Question of Accountability: Published by The Moi University Presss: Eldoret, Kenya pp 161-170 ISBN: 9966-854-89-4.

Other research articles and publications

  1. Mapuweyi, N.(2023).The Making of a Journalist: Of craft-literate and craft-competent production of media practitioners from selected degree and diploma awarding training institutions in Zimbabwe. A paper Presented at the 15th Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference held at the Multimedia University of Kenya from 26 June to 30 June 2023.
  2. Mapuweyi, N., Orina-Kemunto, G., Mararike, V., Baloyi, E. and Mapuweyi, F. (2023).Hegemonic and counter Hegemonic relationships in Zimbabwe between the Government, the Church and Civil society from 2000-2022. Presented at the 15th Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference held at the Multimedia University of Kenya from 26 June to 30 June 2023.